Every person dreams of being successful in life, but why only a few are able to achieve it? This is because everyone only thinks about being successful, but the few who achieve it, not just think but take action to reach their goals. “Just thinking and planning to get success is not enough, you need to train your mind and body to focus on your goals and work towards achieving them,” says Nitin Pujari.

Nitin Pujari
Nitin Pujari

If you want to be successful or if you want millions of money in your life, the first thing that you need to focus on is personal growth, self-improvement. If you want to grow in life, the most important thing is personal development, says Nitin Pujari. He further adds, the biggest mistake that we as humans make is, we build high expectations and if we don’t meet our expectations, we lose hope and become depressed. But instead of giving up, one should always remember that you will get success and money only when you focus on your personal growth and self-improvement. 

Talking about the importance of personal growth, Nitin Pujari says, “Personal growth develops in your inner world and success growth develops in your outer world.” Giving an example of the inner and outer world, he says, when you go on a vacation you first plan, how you will, which places you will visit, what will be the expense, etc. All this planning is done in your inner world. And when you actually go for the vacation and take action as planned, you execute your plans in the outer world. 

Nitin Pujari salasar
Nitin Pujari salasar

Similarly, personal growth and success growth is achieved in your inner and outer world. In order to achieve success in your outer world, you need to be determined and focused on your goal in your inner world. Plan and accordingly take action. Explaining about personal growth Nitin Pujari Ji says, “Personal growth is the plans we adopt in order to grow our working capabilities, habits, behaviour, actions and reactions.” He further adds that humans are the only living being who knows the technique of personal development and by adopting this technique he can achieve anything in this world. We as humans need to adopt this technique to get success in whichever field we want, achieve financial freedom, stay healthy, improve our relationships and impress others.

Nitin Pujari further shares a few quick tips to attain personal growth. To grow personal growth you need to:

  • Control your anger
  • Overcome your procrastination
  • Overcome your laziness
  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Take action as planned.
  • Take responsibilities
  • Adopt positive attitude
  • Grow your skills
  • Adopt good habits
Nitin Pujari salasar
Nitin Pujari salasar

Concluding, Nitin Pujari says, “Your success is in your hands, it totally depends on you how you want to live your life and in which direction you want to take your life in. If you want success in your life, create goals, stay focused, make plans and take action. You need to coordinate your inner and outer world. Only planning without any execution or only taking actions without any plans, will not get you anywhere.”


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