'Will our marriage be legal or not', said lesbian girls on same sex marriage

By Aajtakin Uproar Over Same Sex Marriage In The Country, What Did The Lesbian Couple Share The Video

Yashvika And Payal Have Shared A Video They Are Married But Not Legally Recognized Credit Payallitinstagram

In The Video, Yashvika Says That We Are Expecting From Ourselves, Let'S See What Will Change In The Coming Days, Along With This, She Has Also Raised Questions On The Lgbtq Community.

Yashvika Said That People From The Straight Community Support Her More Than The Lgbtq Community. She Said That People Do Not Consider Lgbtq People As Normal.

She Said That She Tells Everything Related To Her Marriage To The World So That She Can Normalize This Thing. She Says That People Of Her Own Community Have Raised Questions On Her.

The People Of The Community Said That If Both Are Girls, Then Why Did One Wear Sherwani On The Wedding, Why Both Did Not Wear Lehenga. Yashvika Has Alleged Discrimination.

Yashvika Said That People Of Lgbtq Community Are Not Able To Accept Their Own People, So What Are You Expecting From Others.

In The Middle Of The Video, Payal Asked People Whether Our Marriage Would Be Legal Or Not. At The End Of The Video, He Said That He Would File A Petition To Get His Marriage Recognized.

The Supreme Court Has Heard A Petition Seeking Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage, A Bench Headed By The Cji Has Referred The Matter To A Constitutional Bench.