When will Malaika Arora marry Arjun Kapoor? Told future plan

18 Mar 2023 Source Instagram When Will Malaika Arora Marry Arjun Kapoor, Told Future Plan

What Did Malaika Say On Marriage? India Today Conclave 2023 Kicks Off On A Grand Note; Bollywood Diva Malaika Arora Attends Saturday'S Event Where Malaika Opens Up About Her Life And Career

The Actress Told What Changes Happened In Her Life After Her Divorce From Arbaaz Khan, Apart From When She Is Going To Marry Arjun Kapoor.

Malaika Says That After Separating From Arbaaz, Arjun Kapoor Has Filled The Colors Of Love In Her Life, Arjun Has Brought Happiness In Her Life.

Malaika Says There Is An Age Gap Between Us But We Like Being With Each Other If You Are In A Relationship With Someone And Are Not Happy Then There Is No Use Of Such A Relationship.

It Is Better To Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy To Be With Me. I Am Lucky To Be In A Relationship With Arjun.

Malaika Was Asked When She And Arjun Kapoor Are Getting Married, On This The Actress Says That At The Moment We Are Enjoying Our Relationship.

I Can'T Say When, Where And How The Wedding Will Take Place, Malaika Says Right Now We Are In Love With Life, We Are On Our Pre-Honeymoon Period, When The Time Comes, Everything Will Happen By Itself.

Malaika Also Said That If People Find Me And My Relationship Wrong, Then It Is Their Fault, I Don'T Care About People'S Words.