When Sapna Chowdhary ate poison

When Sapna Chowdhary Had Consumed Poison, The Most Painful Controversy

Haryanvi Dancer Singer Sapna Chowdhary Is A Well-Known Name In Stage Performance And Film Industry Today.

Sapna Chowdhary Has Achieved The Position Of Success After Hard Struggles Where She Is Today.

There Was Such A Difficult Time In Sapna'S Life When She Attempted Suicide.

Actually Sapna Chowdhary Had To Face Controversies Because Of A Haryanvi Ragni.

Sapna Had Raised Questions On Dalits In Ek Ragini, Due To Which The Dalit Community Turned Against Her.

In This Difficult Time, Haryanvi Music Company More Music Also Ended All The Contracts With Sapna.

Distressed By This, Sapna Chowdhary Attempted Suicide At Home.