Wearing a skirt, the young man did the catwalk in the train, the passengers kept staring, Video

By Aajtakin Young Man Wearing A Skirt Walked On The Catwalk In The Train, Passengers Kept Staring

The Video Of A Young Man Doing A Catwalk Wearing A Skirt In A Train Is Going Viral.

The Video Is Being Told Of Mumbai Local And The Name Of The Person Seen In It Is Shivam Bhardwaj.

Shivam Is A Fashion Blogger And Keeps Sharing His Amazing Makeup Videos On Instagram. He Is Famous On Social Media By The Name Of The Guy In A Skirt.

During The Catwalk In The Train, Many Passengers Are Seen Staring At Shivam, Some Even Recorded Him In Their Mobiles.

Because Of His Fashion Style, Shivam Had To Face A Lot Of Criticism, There Were Many Problems In Life Too.

Due To Her Inclination Towards Ladies Clothes, She Had To Listen To The Taunts Of Her Family Members. She Struggled A Lot To Gain A Foothold In Mumbai.