Video: One million fish were found dead in the river, you will be shocked to see the scene!

One Million Fish Found Dead In The River Will Be Shocked To See The Scene By Aajtakin Credit Twitter Unsplash Pexels

Creepy Scene: Millions Of Dead Fish Are Seen Floating In A Viral Video On Social Media

The Number Of These Fish Is Said To Be 1 Million. Fish Were Seen Flowing On The Upper Surface In Australia'S Darling River.

Most Fishes Of Bony Bream Species Were Found Dead, Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perth And Carp Breeds Also Died, Their Number Remained Less.

This Incident Came To Light In Australia'S Menindi Town, Only 500 People Live In This Town.

Suddenly, When People Saw Innumerable Dead Fish Floating, They Were Stunned To See This Scene.

In 2019, The Algal Bloom At This Place Had Spread Within A Radius Of 40 Km, Due To Which Thousands Of Fish Died.

People Associated With The Local Administration Said That Due To The Flood, The Oxygen Level In The Water Decreased, Due To Which The Fish Died.