Trolls always keep an eye on these stars of Bhojpuri

Trolls Always Keep An Eye On These Stars Of Bhojpuri There Are Many Such Stars In Bhojpuri Industry Who Keep Getting Trolled For One Reason Or The Other. Names From Akshara Singh To Pawan Singh Are Included In This List. Kumar Sarash Source Bollywoodlife.Com Mar 17 2023

Akshara Singh Akshara Singh Has Recently Shared A Video After Seeing Which People Are Body Shaming Her. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Monalisa Monalisa Is Trolled Because Of Her Bold Dressing. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Rani Chatterjee Rani Chatterjee Used To Be Body Shamed Earlier. Even Today Some People Troll Him. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Namrata Malla Namrata Malla'S Style Is Very Bold That'S Why People Troll Her. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Shweta Sharma Shweta Sharma Is Trolled For Her Bold Looks. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Khesari Lal Yadav The Name Of Bhojpuri'S Trending Star Khesari Lal Yadav Is Also Included In This List. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

Pawan Singh Bhojpuri Superstar Pawan Singh Is Often Trolled. Recently, During An Event, Someone Had Hit Him With A Stone, As A Result Of Which A Lot Was Sown. Sources Bollywoodlife.Com

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