Tips: Salary less than one lakh, then buy new or old car?

15 March 2023 By Business Team Tips Less Than One Lakh Salary Then Buy Car New Or Old

In Today'S Era, No One Wants To Be Idle, Some Buy Car Due To Need And Some Buy Car For Status Symbol.

Some Of These People Are Also Such That They Buy A Car Without Thinking Ahead, But Then Regret A Lot.

If Your Salary Is Less Than 1 Lakh Rupees, Then You Should Avoid Buying A New Car And Take A Secondhand Car.

We Are Not Saying This Just Like That, But According To The Calculation, People Take A Loan Of About 56 Lakhs While Buying A Car By Giving Down Payment.

On A Loan Of 6 Lakhs, The Emi At 850 For Five Years Becomes Rs 12310, Which Means You Will Have To Pay A Total Of Rs 738595.

Case In Point, You Should Spend Only 710% Of Your Monthly Income On A Car Loan.

In This Way, If Your Salary Is One Lakh Rupees Per Month, Then Only 710 Parts Will Be Spent On Emi Of Rs 12310 Per Month.

In Such A Situation, If You Buy A Second Hand Car In Good Condition, Then You Will Get It For Rs 34 Lakh.