Pentagon's shocking disclosure on aliens

Pentagon'S Shocking Disclosure On Aliens Amar Ujala Sun 19 March 2023 Image Credit Istock

Us Department Of Defense Pentagon Has Done A Study In Which It Has Tried To Cover The Mystery Of Aliens And Ufos Image Credit Istock

Sean Kirkpatrick, Head Of The Pentagon'S Aaro, And Abraham Loeb Of Harvard University Mention Ufos In The Study Image Credit Istock

Alien Mothership May Exist In Solar System, Says Pentagon Ufo Chief Image Credit Istock

An Incident Study Has Been Done By The Pentagon After Which A Draft Has Been Prepared Image Credit Istock

The Pentagon Has Said That It Is Likely That There May Be Unusual Motherships And Small Objects In The Solar System That Visit The Planets Image Credit Istock

Pentagon Officials Say That They Are Coming To Earth To Investigate In The Same Way As Scientists Go To Other Planets To Investigate Image Credit Istock

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