Naked men on the hospital bed and people got angry over the video

By Aajtakin Men Lying Naked On Hospital Bed In Dark And People Raging On Viral Video 15 March 2023

A Video Of The Alleged Hospital Is Going Viral, Seeing Which People Are Surprised, People Are Also Expressing Anger On It, Let'S Know Its Truth Credit Getty Images Pexels Twitter

It Is Being Claimed That In This Video Men Are Lying On Hospital Beds, Their Private Parts Have Been Attached To A Pump And Their Sperm Is Being Extracted.

It Was Claimed That The Video Is Of China'S Sperm Factory, But This Video Is Not From China, Although Claims Of Sperm Factory In China Have Been Made Before.

But Psychologist And Former Professor Jordan Peterson Retweeted It And Said That It Could Be From The Chinese Communist Party'S Sperm Factory.

The Vice Report Said That This Clip Was Taken From A Porn Video, But After The Video Went Viral, A Debate Broke Out On Social Media.

According To The Report Of Daily Star, The Surprise About The Video Increased When It Was Said On The Account That Shared It That The Roots Of The Video Are Related To Britain.

One Wrote That I Found This Video On Wechat And They Say That This Is The Collection Room Of China'S Sperm Bank, Then Came To Know That This Video Is From Britain.

Psychologist And Former Professor Jordan Peterson Has Been Tweeting About China Earlier As Well, So People Accepted The Video As True.