Malaika became 'Lal Pari' in the front cut, trolled, people said

Fitness Is Not Difficult Even At 49, Malaika Has Told At Every Step Credit Malaika Arora

Be It Clothes Or Relationship, People Do Not Hold Back From Trolling Them.

Malaika Arora Became Lal Pari, Seeing Haseena In The Front Cut, The Heart Is Restless

Malaika Arora Wore Such A Cutout Dress, Stretch Marks Started Appearing

As Soon As Malaika'S Look Surfaced, People Said Urfi Is More Beautiful Than You

Malaika Wore Such Tall Heels With This Sizzling Out Fit

Malaika Arora Was Not Alone During This, Partner Arjun Kapoor Was Also With Her.

Be It Any Program, Malaika Is Always Seen With Her Lover.