Made relations with Buddhist monk at public place, photos

By Aajtakin Relationship Made With Buddhist Monk At Public Place Shared Photos And Videos, Woman Arrested 17 March 2023

The Woman Shared Obscene Photos And Videos On The Internet, After Which There Was A Ruckus In The Whole Country, The Woman Has Been Arrested Credit Thai Police Pexels

She Posted An Obscene Picture Of Herself And A Buddhist Monk, In Which She Is Seen Without Clothes As Well As A Monk.

She Also Posted A Video On Twitter In Which She Is Naked And Allegedly Having Sex With The Monk. The Woman Has Been Identified As Vanida

This Case Is From Thailand Where Pornography Is Illegal And Websites Related To It Are Also Banned. Vanida Later Told That The Video She Posted Is Fake.

She Said That She Just Wanted To Attract Attention And Did Not Know The Monk. These Pictures Were Taken At Bank Sui Railway Station.

In The Pictures, Vanida Is Seen Sitting On The Beach With A Man Unbuttoning His Shirt. People Have Demanded Investigation Into The Matter And Punishment To Both The Accused.

Under Thailand'S Law, Vanida Can Face Up To Five Years In Prison And A Fine Of Rs 24 Lakh For Creating And Sharing Obscene Content.

Under Another Section Of The Law, He Can Face Imprisonment Of Up To Three Years And A Fine Of Rs 144 Lakh, Or Both. Thailand'S Police Have Also Shared Pictures Related To The Case.