Kapil Dev's relative was scared after hugging this actor, the cricketer explained

19 March 2023 Pc Instagram Kapil Dev'S Relative Cricketer Was Scared After Hugging This Actor, Explained That It Is Not Like That

Actor'S Film Image Had An Impact On His Life Ranjit Is One Of The Veteran Actors Of Bollywood, Fans Know Him As A Villain Pic Credit Urf7Iinstagram

Ranjit Has Played Mostly Negative Roles On The Screen, Sometimes He Became A Dacoit And Sometimes He Was Seen Molesting Women.

Ranjit'S Negative Characters Left A Deep Impression On The People, Many People Started Considering Him The Same In Real Life.

The Actor Has Now Told In An Interview To Lehren That Once He Had Met The Sister-In-Law Of Cricketer Kapil Dev, Who Had Come For Some Medical Treatment.

Ranjeet Said That When He Shook Hands With The Cricketer'S Sister-In-Law And Side-Hugged Her, She Became Uncomfortable.

Ranjit Told That This Happened Because Of His Negative Onscreen Image, Then Kapil Dev Told Him That It Is Not As You Think.

Very Few People Know That Ranjit'S Real Name Is Gopal Bedi But He Changed His Name After Appearing In Films.

Ranjit Told That Sunil Dutt Had Advised Him To Keep The Film Name. He Changed His Screen Name Only On The Advice Of Sunil Dutt.