International Day Of Action For Rivers 2023

Ist Jagranjoshcom Reports That The International Day Of Action For Rivers Will Take Place On March 14

International Day Of Action For Rivers Come Let'S Know The Theme History Of International Day Of Rivers 2023 And These Important Things Related To It.

International Day Of Rivers Is Celebrated All Over The World On 14 March. The Purpose Of Celebrating This Day Is To Raise Awareness About The Importance Of Rivers And The Need To Protect Them From Various Threats.

The Theme Of The International Day Of Rivers Of 2023 Has Been Kept As 'Right Of Rivers'. These Campaigns Promote The Identity Of The River Nationally.

Biodiversity This Year'S Theme Focuses On The Importance Of Rivers For Biodiversity.

History Participants Of The First International Meeting Of People Affected By Dams, Held In 1997, Adopted The International Day Of Action Against Dams And For Rivers, Water And Life.

Representatives Of 20 More Countries Had Decided That The Day Would Be Celebrated On March 14, The Day Of Action Against Big Dams In Brazil.

The Main Objective Behind Creating This Day Is To Raise A United Voice Against Destructive Water Development Projects, To Reclaim The Health Of Watersheds And To Demand Equitable And Sustainable Management Of Rivers.

15Th Conference This Year The World Is Meeting For The 15Th Conference On Biological Diversity. The River System Is The Highest Biodiversity Area On Earth.