'I am very hot, I am not getting a boyfriend', the girl went viral by saying, then...

By Aajtakin Girl Went Viral After Saying I Am Not Getting My Bf, I Am Very Hot 16 March 2023

This Girl Made A Video After Which It Went Viral She Says She Doesn'T Have A Bf Because She Is Hot Credit Instagram Hope Schwing

The Video Posted On Tiktok Reads, "No One Can Tell I'M So Hot That It'S Hard To Find A Boyfriend".

She Said All The Men Get Scared And Nervous Seeing Me Being Too Hot Is Also A Curse. The Girl'S Name Is Hope Squing And She Is An Influencer From Los Angeles, Usa.

Squing Shared His Video On Tiktok Which Went Viral. Commenting On The Video, Many Tiktokers Said That They Too Feel The Same Way.

One User Said That Being More Beautiful Is A Boon As Well As A Curse, Another User Said, Especially When You Are A Working Woman.

Squing Has More Than 9 Million Followers On Tiktok. She Later Told In The Comments Of The Video That She Was Only Joking

Many Online Users Felt That Hope Squing Is Telling The Truth, The Third User Said, As You Said, It Is Not A Joke, I Think It Is Right For Me.

Squing'S Video Has Been Viewed By More Than 37 Million People And Liked By More Than 4 Lakh 70 Thousand People.