How important is it to serve the notice period after resignation, know the rules

11 March 2023 By Business Team How Important Is It To Serve The Notice Period After Resignation, Know The Rules

After Resignation In Any Company, The Notice Period Has To Be Served, Although Many Other Options Are Also Available.

There Is No Uniform Rule Of Notice Period, Every Company Mentions It In Its Contract Policy.

Generally, The Notice Period For Temporary Employees Ranges From 15 Days To 1 Month.

For Permanent Employees, This Period Is 2 Months In Some Company And 3 Months In Some.

Companies Keep The Provision Of Notice Period So That When You Leave The Job, They Can Find Your Replacement During That Period.

However, The Company Cannot Force You To Serve The Notice Period.

Option To Count Your Leave In Lieu Of Notice Period Or Get Paid In Lieu Thereof

You Have To Make This Payment On The Basis Of Basic Salary, You Can Also Discuss About Buy Out Option From Your New Company.