From Tata to Mahindra... From Ambani to Adani, this is how these billionaires looked in their youth

09 March 2023 By Business Team From Tata To Mahindra Ambani To Adani, This Is How These Billionaires Looked In Their Youth

There Are Many Names In The List Including Tata Birla Ambani Adani, Indian Billionaires Ring In The World

Ratan Tata Has Turned 85, While Asia'S Richest Mukesh Ambani Has Turned 65.

Due To Aging, There Has Been A Lot Of Change In Them, Which Can Be Seen By Comparing The Pictures Of Their Youth.

Born In 1937, Ratan Tata Is Still A Bachelor And This Is What He Looked Like In His Younger Days

Mukesh Ambani Was Born In 1957 And He Looked Something Like This In His Youth

60 Year Old Gautam Adani Was Born On 24 June 1962 And His Youth Picture Is Like This

Kumar Mangalam Birla Used To Look Like This In His Youth. Born In 1967, This Indian Industrialist Is Now 55 Years Old.

Anand Mahindra Must Have Been Mostly Seen In Suitboots But In His Youth He Was Seen In This Style