From Alia Bhatt to Sonakshi Sinha, know about those stars who became fit from fat

Alia Bhatt'S Weight Used To Be 70 Kg In Teenage

Kareena Kapoor Khan Was The Owner Of A Lot Of Weight Before Bebo Also Came To Bollywood

Sonakshi Sinha Herself Has Said That She Used To Be Very Heavy Sonakshi Sinha

Arjun Kapoor Lost A Lot Of Weight To Become An Actor, The Credit Goes To Salman Khan For Making Him Fit.

Parineeti Chopra Has Also Talked About Her Weight Many Times And Even After Many Years Of Entering The Industry, She Lost Weight.

Karan Johar Karan Johar Used To Be 120 Kilos At One Point Of Time

Zareen Khan'S Weight Used To Be 100 Kg

Fashionable Sonam Kapoor Has Also Lost A Lot Of Weight, That Too To Work In Bollywood. Sonam Kapoor