Fake profile created on Shaadi.Com, see who has more relationships

By Aajtakin Boys Created Fake Profile On Shaadicom Freelancergovernment And Private Jobs See Who Has The Most Relationships 17 March 2023

Online Sites Are Being Used A Lot For Marriage, In Which The Profile Is Guaranteed To Be Correct Credit Youtube Lakshay Chaudhary

Three Boys Created Fake Profiles On Shaadi.Com And Tried To Find Out What Kind Of Guy People Like The Most.

The Video Has Been Posted By Youtuber Lakshya Chaudhary, One Of The Three Friends Told Himself As A Freelancer Actor, The Other As A Private Job And The Third As A Government Job, After Which He Also Wrote His Income.

The Freelancer Wrote That The Age Of The Girl Should Be 2036 Years, No Matter How Much Job She Does Or Not, It Does Not Matter Whether She Belongs To Any Religion Or Caste, Divorced Or Widow, Everything Will Work.

Earning In Freelancer 1 Crore Yearly Age 26 Years Length 511 No Family Support Written In Second Profile Private Job 20 Thousand Salary And Good Family Background

In The Profile Of A Private Job, The Age Of The Boy Was Told As 27, Height 6 Feet, While There Were Conditions Regarding The Girl, The Girl Should Be Beautiful, Working Age, Less Good Height And Jat.

The Third Profile Was Made Of A Boy With A Government Job, Whose Salary Was 50 Thousand Per Month, Height 56 ​​Feet, Age 32 Years, And The Job Was Told As A Clerk In The Bank.

In The Government Job Profile, There Were Many Conditions Regarding The Girl, Height Should Be Good, Age Should Not Be Less, Should Not Do Job, Should Be Domestic, Should Be Of Own Cast, Should Be Beautiful And Polite.