Came in Bmw at night, put the pots in the trunk and ran away! Videos

By Aajtakin In The Dark Night, Put The Pots That Came From Bmw In The Trunk And Ran Away Video

Bmw Riders Carried Out The Incident Of Flower Pot Theft In The Dark Night

The Video Of The Incident Went Viral On Social Media, Two People Stole Pots With Flowers From Bmw Nine Two Eleven

The City Of Nagpur Was Decorated For The G20 Summit, Under Which Many Pots Were Planted On The Roadside, In Which Different Types Of Flowers Were Planted.

Meanwhile, Two Bmw Riders Stole The Pots Kept On The Side Of The Wardha Road And Went Berserk. They Had Kept The Pots In The Trunk Of Their Luxury Car.

After The Video Of The Incident Went Viral, Now Action Is Being Demanded On These Youths, People Are Strongly Condemning Them.

In The Video, It Can Be Seen How Two People Get Down From The Bmw At Night, Then Fearlessly Pick Up The Pots, Fill Them In The Trunk Of The Car And Run Away.

Although This Is Not The First Case, Earlier There Was A Ruckus In Gurugram Due To The Theft Of Pots, Two People From Kia Carnival Had Stolen The Pots Kept On The Roadside.