Bollywood celebs who are Chashmish! Looks very stylish even in glasses!

Earlier He Did Not Do This, But Now Aamir Flaunts His Reading Glasses Openly. Aamir Khan

Ranbir Kapoor Is Often Seen Wearing His Glasses And He Looks Very Handsome In This Too Ranbir Kapoor

Kajol Has Always Been Seen Wearing Glasses And She Has No Hesitation About This.

Rani Mukherjee Has Also Been Spotted Several Times With Her Reading Glasses.

Shahrukh Khan Always Takes His Spectacles Wherever He Has To Study. Shahrukh Khan

R Madhavan'S Eyes Are Also Weak, For Which He Definitely Carries Stylish But Reading Glasses.

Kangana Ranaut Also Needs Reading Glasses Kangana Ranaut

Shraddha Kapoor Is Very Fond Of Books For Which She Has To Wear Glasses To Read Shraddha Kapoor