Banking crisis reached Europe from Us... Now the prediction of sinking of this bank!

16 March 2023 By Business Team Us Banking Crisis Reached Europe Now Predicted To Sink This Bank

Not Only America, The Banking Crisis Has Started Deepening In Europe As Well, Credit Suisse, Which Is One Of The Biggest Banks Here, Is In A Bad Condition.

Credit Suisse Bank Shares Fell 25 Percent In One Day And The Fall In Shares Continues For A Year

Bank Stock Has Fallen 76 In A Year, On March 16, 2022, Its Price Was 714 Chf, Which Has Remained 170 Chf Switzerland Currency.

In This Period Of Crisis, Saudi National Bank, The Largest Shareholder Of Credit Suisse Bank, Has Also Left It.

Saudi National Bank Chairman Ammaral Khudairi Has Categorically Denied Any Investment In Credit Suisse.

Not Only This, The Prediction Of Robert Kiyosaki, Author Of The Famous Book Rich Dadpoor ​​Dad, Has Increased The Concern.

Kiyoski Has Predicted The Sinking Of Credit Suisse. In 2008, He Predicted About Lehman Brothers.

In The Year 2008, Robert Kiyosaki'S Prediction Proved Correct And The World Faced An Economic Recession.