An investment of one lakh became 1 crore, the stock of this pharmaceutical company made a fortune!

15 March 2023 By Business Team An Investment Of One Lakh Became 1 Crore, The Stock Of This Pharmaceutical Company Made A Fortune

Shares Of Pharma Sector Giant Ajanta Pharma Have Given Strong Returns To Its Investors.

Ajanta Pharma'S Stock Has Converted Rs 1 Lakh Of Its Investors Into Rs 1 Crore

The Shares Of Ajanta Pharma Were At A Price Of Rs 1214 On January 29, 2010, At Present These Figures Are Around 1200.

Talking About The 52 Week High Of This Stock, It Had Hit The Level Of Rs 142750, Its 52 Week Low Has Been Rs 106177.

In The Last 13 Years, This Stock Has Jumped 10 Thousand Percent And Has Converted The Amount Of One Lakh Rupees Of Its Investors Into One Crore Rupees.

If Someone Had Invested And Held Rs 1 Lakh In Ajanta Pharma Shares In January 2010, He Would Have Been The Owner Of Rs 1 Crore Today.

The Stock Reached Its 52-Week Low Of Rs 106,273 On May 11, 2022, After Which The Stock Jumped 34 Per Cent In The Next Four Months.

It Reached The Level Of 142580 On 9 September 2022, However After This The Pace Of Shares Of Ajanta Firma Stopped Here And The Period Of Decline Started.