4G will run on the moon, will there be towers like the earth? information is of great use

4G Connectivity Will Also Be Available On The Moon In The Coming Time.

Towers Will Not Be Installed Here For 4G Network, But This Connectivity Will Be Available In Some Other Way.

Contracts Have Been Given To Different Companies To Establish The Network On The Moon.

Nokia Working With Intuitive Machines To Install 4G Connectivity On Novac Lunar Lander

The 4G Network Will Be Placed On The Novac Lunar Lander Device Itself And Will Also Have A Solar Powered Rover.

Astronauts Will Be Able To Transfer Data Faster With 4G Connectivity On The Moon

This Will Further Improve The Hd Video And Navigation System Of The Moon.

After Getting 4G Connectivity, Astronauts Can Upload Their Videos Or Selfies From The Moon On Live Instagram Etc.

Instead Of 5G, 4G Network Is Being Established On The Moon Because It Is Better Adapted To The Lunar Surface.

Whereas, China Is Working On Building Houses Etc. On The Moon Using 3D Printing.