42 years old 'mother' fell in love with son's friend...

By Aajtakin 42 Year Old Mother Fell In Love With Son'S Friend

42-Year-Old Tanya Has Fallen In Love With 24-Year-Old Josu, Both Are In A Relationship For The Past Three Years Credit Itstanyaandjosueinstagram

This Couple Has To Face A Lot Of Criticism From The People, When They First Met, Tanya Was 39 Years Old And Josu Was 21 Years Old, Both Love Each Other.

The Couple Got Married Last Year. They First Met In 2018 When Tanya'S Sons, Aged 12 And 14, Came To Josu'S House To Play Video Games. She Had Come To Drop Off Her Sons.

People Have Threatened The Couple To Seek Help From Social Services If They Don'T End Their Relationship, However The Couple Says They Don'T Care

Tanya And Josu Share Their Romantic Pictures And Videos On Social Media Where People Troll Them A Lot.

People Accuse Tanya Of Fooling A Boy Younger Than Her While Tanya Says That Josu Was An Adult When She Met Him.

On The Other Hand, Some People Accuse Josu Of Using Tanya, Saying That He Is With Tanya To Keep A Roof Over His Head.

People Say That Tanya'S Elder Son Must Be Ashamed Of All This. Tanya Says That She Does Not Care About People'S Comments.