Ratnesh Kumar’s Vansh Entertainment is one of the biggest and most successful Bhojpuri companies in the business today. Under the helm of founder Ratnesh Kumar, Vansh Entertainment has become a leader in the digital entertainment sector – creating videos, content and live events for their Bhojpuri-speaking clientele.

Vansh Entertainment leverages the immense talent and creativity of the Bhojpuri music, film and digital industry, enabling them to reach a wider audience around the world. They’re also a one-stop shop for Bhojpuri influencer marketing, event management and celebrity management.

Ratnesh Kumar with Pawan singh and shubhi sharma

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Vansh Entertainment provides customers with a seamless experience. Through the company’s Bhojpuri Monetization Platform, content creators can upload their videos and make money off of their content, while providing viewers with a platform to watch Bhojpuri content. Vansh Entertainment also offers a multitude of services to their Bhojpuri-speaking clientele, ranging from live streaming events such as concerts and music videos, to professional advertising services.

Rratnesh Kumar with Khesari lal yadav

Vansh Entertainment has caught the eye of numerous Bhojpuri superstars, and thanks to their services, these celebs are now reaching a larger audience and leveraging their fame to become even bigger stars in the world of Bhojpuri entertainment. The company is also able to monetize the stars’ content, meaning their success can translate into even greater success for their creators.

Akshara Singh 1

Through Ratnesh Kumar’s leadership, Vansh Entertainment has not only become a premier digital entertainment platform, but has also become a beacon of hope for Bhojpuri-speaking customers in India and beyond. By creating content and events for them, Vansh Entertainment is allowing the world to recognize the immense talent of Bhojpuri creators and musicians and is creating bigger opportunities for them in the digital world.


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