In an effort to inspire young individuals, Union Science and Technology Minister, Jitendra Singh, has encouraged them to explore opportunities in the startup sector rather than seeking government jobs. During a visit to the National Technology Week exhibition at Pragati Maidan, Singh emphasized the immense potential of startups and urged the youth to unleash their ideas and create employment opportunities.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh
Union Minister Jitendra Singh Urges Youth To Embrace Startup Opportunities Over Government Jobs 3

Youth Urged to Explore Startup Sector by Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been actively promoting and prioritizing startups, expressing personal interest in fostering the sector. Singh highlighted the success of the StartUp India initiative, launched by Modi in 2016, which has seen the number of startups soar from a mere 350-400 before 2014 to over one lakh today.

Minister Jitendra Singh Highlights Startup Potential, Encourages Job Creation

During his visit, Singh engaged with numerous school children attending the exhibition, encouraging them to draw inspiration from the achievements of various startup entrepreneurs who have made significant strides in niche sectors. By showcasing the success stories and innovations in the startup ecosystem, Singh aimed to motivate the young minds to consider entrepreneurship as a viable and rewarding career path.

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Union Minister Jitendra Singh Urges Youth To Embrace Startup Opportunities Over Government Jobs 4

Government Minister Advocates for Startup Careers over Traditional Employment

The National Technology Day, initiated by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1999, commemorates the contributions of Indian scientists, engineers, and technologists in advancing the country’s scientific and technological landscape. As part of the National Technology Week celebrations, inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on Thursday, twelve central ministries exhibited a diverse range of scientific innovations.

Minister Jitendra Singh’s message resonates with the government’s commitment to nurturing the startup ecosystem and encouraging entrepreneurship among the youth. By promoting the startup sector as a viable alternative to traditional employment, the government aims to empower young individuals to become job creators, fostering innovation and economic growth in the country.


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