Suraj Upadhyay – Working hard for a bright future in the music industry

It is said that keep dreaming, fulfillment is a game of luck. It is believed that Suraj Upadhyay of Ghaziabad, who has started struggling from a very young age. Today he is constantly trying to make a special identity in the music industry. For this, they also do a lot of riyaz. To make his career strong in this industry, Suraj Upadhyay is engaged day and night one by one. They have faith in their hard work and they are moving ahead with this confidence.

Suraj Upadhyay

Born on 12 August 1999 in Sultanpur, UP, Suraj Upadhyay started working on things related to his career in Ghaziabad. Being interested in music since childhood, Sooraj started learning by watching YouTube videos. Today they are making many types of music. Sooraj is not only active about music, but is also associated with social work. Even during the Corona period, Suraj and his team helped the people. He is also a lover of nature, and also has love for animals.

photo of Suraj Upadhyay
Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh , India

In the music industry, Sonu Nigam considers Rahat Fateh Ali and Mohammad Rafi as his idols. But the desire to learn from everyone is in his heart. When Sooraj was asked about acting, he also told that if he gets a good chance, he will definitely act. But Nawazuddin Siddiqui has a desire to work with Manoj Bajpayee and Pankaj Tripathi. Suraj, who is working hard at a very young age, has appealed to the people that they should never give up hope, if you want to achieve success, then it is also necessary to struggle.

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