Italy is a country that has produced some of the greatest of artists for the whole world. One such Italian personality is making to the headlines and also creating his own headlines these days.

His first single “Glance” won three gold records in two continents (Europe and Africa) and made him well-known with international listeners. The follow-up “Tonight” confirmed these unbelievable results granting him the number one spot on Spotify in Romania, the first italian being able in doing so.

Stefano has this exceptional skill of striking straight through the core of his listeners’ emotions. Indeed connecting with the audience is the key to growing in most artistic fields. Highly motivated with this youthful, optimistic, and positive energy, he came up with his chore and is holding it incredibly well. We wish Stefano the best of luck in his future endeavors.



The post-lockdown world feels uncertain and unforgiving. During these times of chaos, there’s a new player in the music market: Stefano Cilio is an Italian producer, formerly writer, radio personality, disc jockey, and journalist. The famous music popularity chart named Rit Parade allowed him to host a weekly radio chart that lists the most popular songs in Italy. This chart combines streaming, download, airplay, internet views, and identification data for its listings.

Stefano was born on the 23rd of November, 1980 in Milan Italy. He graduated from Università Bocconi of Milan and has Economics as his major.

“Tonight” is his second single and the song talks about the fact that you can be distant from the people you love but you can still be with them. He said about the lyrics: “Pandemic resulted in isolation and sadness for all of us, but it was also the time to understand who really matters and give them all the love they need and deserve. That’s how Tonight was born, thinking at night about the people I save in my life and I care about”.

Stefano is a hard-working individual who has made it to fame. His will be a story that will be used by coming generations for inspiration, especially in the art and music industries.



Speaking of minds, there’s a bright mind out there on a mission to inspire a million others for good. In the group of dying hopes, Stefano Cilio has now entered the chat. Based in Italy, Mr. Cilio is an Italian radio personality who found himself to be a good music producer ad well. He is gaining popularity for his recently published debut book Mezzo Secolo di Ritornelli. The author has also created a music popularity chart named Rit Parade, a project that allowed him to host a weekly radio chart that lists the most popular songs in Italy. Stefano combines streaming, download, airplay, internet views, and identification data for its listings.

It is years of hard work and learning experience that makes him impeccable when it comes to connecting with his listeners’ hearts. Stefano’s sheer commitment to ethics and integrity makes him stand out from the crowd and a true professional who’s honest with his business.

The results are under everyone’s eyes: 5 million streams, 3 gold records, 1 platinum record, hours of radio airplay all over the world and over 250.000 followers on social networks. “Glance” and “Tonight” have highlighted 2021, which songs will be out in 2022? In January the new single “Breathless” will be available on all streaming platforms, but there is also an album in progress.



Stefano Cilio is among few musicians who have done great magic around the city with their talent. He is from Milan, Italy and was born on 23rd November 1980, being a music lover since he was a little baby.
He used to be a disc jockey during school and college days. Now he’s a well-known producer and author, who releases songs that are able to get him gold and platinum awards.

His recent song “Tonight” has remained a popular song in the musical circle and it has been performing by famous italian deejays, scoring a point with his incredible work.

Even after gaining so much popularity, Stefano is a very down-to-earth and genuine persona. Now, if we check his next venture, he is now busy with his new song called “Breathless”, which is going to come soon. He is now gearing up for the same and soon unleashes it making his fans feel proud of him.



Stefano Cilio is in his early forties but he has been the new singing sensation in his hometown Milan. He is a talented producer who was born on 23th November 1980 and proved that he has the ability to impress people of their age groups and others with the melody and style he has developed. He graduated from Università Bocconi of Milan and has Economics as their major. With their original producing style, he was able to attract a good number of fans towards him, with more than 100 countries listening to his debut song “Glance”. 

“I called it Glance because it’s my first glimpse at the music market” Stefano said. “It was born as an instrumental track but after a couple of months I decided to release a vocal edit. I chose an American singer who was able to give voice to the lyrics I composed for the song. I produce tracks, compose lyrics and melody, but I needed a female voice in order to interpret the song”.

“Glance” had a great impact worldwide, selling more than 50.000 copies all over the world and granting him two gold records (Hungary and South Africa) and a platinum one in Austria, a country close to Italy but very strict with italians: in fact he’s only the third italian in history to obtain this milestone and the first in the 21st


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