In a recent interview, Anupam Mittal, the founder of People Group and an investor on the hit television show “Shark Tank India,” opened up about his upbringing and how it has shaped his views on gender equality.

Mittal revealed that he was raised by strong women, including his mother and grandmother, who instilled in him a deep respect for women and their abilities. He credits these women with helping him to become the feminist he is today.

“Growing up, I was surrounded by women who were incredibly strong, intelligent, and capable,” Mittal said. “They taught me the value of hard work, determination, and resilience, and they showed me what it means to be a true feminist.”

Mittal went on to explain that his experiences with the women in his life have informed his investment strategy on “Shark Tank India,” where he is known for seeking out female entrepreneurs and supporting their business ventures.

“I believe that women have a unique perspective and set of skills that are incredibly valuable in the business world,” he said. “I make a point of seeking out and investing in female-led companies because I know that they have the potential to be incredibly successful.”

Mittal’s commitment to gender equality has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues on “Shark Tank India.” Fellow investor Rohan Mirchandani praised Mittal’s dedication to supporting women in business, saying, “Anupam is one of the most feminist people I know. He truly believes in the power of women and their ability to change the world.”

With his success on “Shark Tank India” and his outspoken support of gender equality, Mittal has become a role model for young entrepreneurs and feminists alike.

His commitment to empowering women extends beyond his work on “Shark Tank India.” Mittal is also the founder of the dating website, which has been instrumental in changing the way arranged marriages are conducted in India. The website, which has been described as “the world’s largest matrimonial service,” has helped countless women find partners on their own terms, rather than being forced into marriages arranged by their families.

Mittal’s efforts to promote gender equality have not always been easy. In the interview, he shared a story about how his mother was once denied a job because she was a woman. The experience left a lasting impression on him and made him determined to fight for women’s rights.

“That incident taught me that we have a long way to go before we achieve true gender equality,” Mittal said. “But I believe that with hard work and perseverance, we can create a world where women are valued and respected for their contributions to society.”

As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Mittal is in a unique position to effect change. He hopes that by using his platform on “Shark Tank India” and through his other business ventures, he can inspire others to join him in the fight for gender equality.

“I believe that when we empower women, we empower society as a whole,” he said. “I’m proud to be a feminist, and I will continue to work tirelessly to create a world where women can thrive.”

Mittal’s commitment to feminism and gender equality has been recognized both within India and internationally. In 2019, he was named one of the “50 Most Influential Young Indians” by GQ India, and in 2020, he was featured in the Forbes India “W-Power Trailblazers” list, which celebrates women who are changing the face of Indian business.

Mittal’s work has also been recognized beyond India’s borders. In 2018, he was invited to speak at the United Nations General Assembly on the topic of gender equality, where he shared his insights on how to create a more equitable society.

Despite his many accomplishments, Mittal remains humble and focused on his mission to create a better world for women. In the interview, he stressed the importance of continuing to push for change, even when progress is slow.

“We may not see the results of our efforts immediately, but we have to keep fighting,” he said. “We have to keep pushing for change, even when it feels like we’re not making any progress. Because every little bit counts, and eventually, we will get there.”

As India and the rest of the world continue to grapple with issues of gender equality, Anupam Mittal’s example serves as an inspiration to us all. Through his work as an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate, he is helping to create a brighter future for women everywhere.


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