Racing ahead in this martial art, he has brought enough glory to the Indian Wushu team.

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Rohit Jangid Impresses All With His Wushu Skills, Which Have Won Him International Recognition. 5

Rohit Jangid’s name shines bright in the Wushu field, a form of Chinese martial arts, more popularly known as kungfu too. Though this sport is popular on foreign shores, India too has been able to grasp a favorable position by unleashing their skills in this sport, and this young man from Jaipur, Rajasthan is a fine example of it. He has made the country proud by winning several international bouts, even bringing many medals for the country, which has catapulted his popularity to soaring heights. We spoke to this fine sportsman who has done exceptionally well and is racing ahead of his contemporaries to become one of the brightest stars in this sport.

Rohit Jangid impresses all with his Wushu skills
Rohit Jangid Impresses All With His Wushu Skills

Where did it all begin? What drew your interest in this sport?

I have always been a keen sports enthusiast, participating in various sports activities since my early days. I got involved in Wushu when I was in the 9th class, against my family’s wishes, unfortunately. They opposed my idea of pursuing this sport as they wanted me to pursue further studies and grab hold of a government job, which I was totally disinterested in. The injuries that came along while practicing the sport even boosted their confidence to discourage me from further pursuing my passion for this sport. Nonetheless,

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Rohit Jangid Impresses All With His Wushu Skills, Which Have Won Him International Recognition. 6

I was determined enough not to leave it midway and kept honing my skills with the help of my mentor Rajesh Taylor who stood like a pillar behind me, pushing me to reach out for my goals without getting distracted, and finally, I made it, and am extremely happy that I didn’t back out due to domestic pressures.

How has the journey been so far? Brief us a bit about it.

All the hard work that I put in for years finally paid off as I began winning titles on national as well as international shores. I have won the Wushu medal for India four times at an international level, got a job in Rajasthan police four years back from the sports quota, and even won the bronze medal in the 12th Wushu International Championship held in Hong Kong, bronze medal in the 9th World International Championship – Georgia, and a bronze medal in International Wushu Cup – Nepal.

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Rohit Jangid Impresses All With His Wushu Skills, Which Have Won Him International Recognition. 7

One of my biggest accomplishments was training for 6 months in one of the largest Wushu training academies in Phuket, Thailand, where I learned a lot about the sport which helped me hone up my skills to a great extent.

Tell us about your achievements so far? How satisfactory has it been to date?

I have won the best player award from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, followed by the Veer Teja Award and also the Rising Star Award at the hands of Vasundhara Raje and Governor Kalraj Mishra. Furthermore, in one of my recent matches, I defeated my Pakistani opponent, which won me vast recognition. My dream is to bring the gold medal in the Asian championship, for which I’m training hard at present. I’m confident that I will be able to achieve this dream of mine too, like my earlier ones, and make my country proud.


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