Educationist Narendra Singh Rawat has launched a campaign for the welfare of birds named “Parinda” under the Aksharendra Welfare Society. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the plight of birds due to lack of water during summer and encourage people to come forward and take action.

Rawat, known for his dedication towards social causes, believes that it is our responsibility as human beings to take care of the environment and all its inhabitants. He said, “Birds are an integral part of our environment and play an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. It is our duty to ensure their safety and well-being.”

As part of the campaign, the Aksandra Welfare Society urged people to plant trees and create bird-friendly habitats around them. Rawat emphasized the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for the birds. He said, “We need to understand that our actions have a direct impact on the lives of these creatures and it affects their lives. We can ensure their survival by building habitats and contribute to the general well-being of the environment.”

The Parinda campaign for birds has already received significant support from people of all ages and walks of life. Many people came forward to participate and support the activities undertaken by the Kendra Welfare Society. The organization is planning to organize various events and activities to create awareness about the campaign and involve more people.

Rawat appealed everyone to join hands and take steps towards making a better world for birds and all living beings. He said, “Our efforts for social welfare and welfare should not be limited to people only. Let’s extend our compassion and care to all beings and together we can create a more harmonious world.”

The Parinda Campaign is a great example of how small acts can make a big difference in promoting social action and improving the lives of all animals. As more and more people get involved in the process, it will surely have a positive impact on the environment and bring about a positive change in society.

Who is Narendra Singh Rawat ?

Narendra Singh Rawat is an educationist, social worker, and motivational speaker. Rawat, the secretary of Aksendra Welfare Society, has been honored with many international and national honors in the past, including the recent one given by Mauritius President Prithviraj Singh Rupan. Apart from this, the Educational Entrepreneur of the Year Award is also prominent.

Along with running the Rawat School, Rawat actively participates in social work. He helped the poor and helpless people a lot during the Corona period by providing free food to thousands of people for several days. By paying special attention to the children of poor and helpless families, he distributes all the materials related to their teaching free of cost. His aim is that no one should be deprived of education due to lack of fees. He informs people about the Right to Education Act and motivates them to take advantage of it.

In addition to his social work, Narendra Singh Rawat is also an accomplished educationist and runs the Rawat School in Jaipur, Rajasthan India. The school is renowned for its academic excellence and has been providing quality education to students from all sections of society for many years.

Under Rawat’s leadership, the school has also been actively involved in promoting environmental conservation and sustainable development. The school has implemented various initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, waste segregation, and composting to reduce its impact on the environment. Rawat believes that education and environmental conservation are closely linked and hopes to instill this belief in his students.

Rawat’s efforts have been recognized by various organizations and he has received several national and international awards for his contributions to education and social welfare. Recently, he was honored by the President of Mauritius, Prithviraj Singh Rupan, for his outstanding work in the field of education and social welfare.

Narendra Singh Rawat
Rawat School's Founder Narendra Singh Rawat Continues To Make Positive Impact Through Social And Environmental Work 2

Rawat’s Parinda campaign for birds is yet another example of his commitment to social and environmental causes. The campaign has already received a lot of support and is expected to make a significant impact in raising awareness about the plight of birds during summer.

As part of the campaign, the Aksendra Welfare Society has also urged people to use clay pots and other containers to provide water for birds during the summer months. This small act can go a long way in helping birds survive during the hot and dry season.

The Parinda campaign is not just about birds, but also about promoting a more harmonious and sustainable world. By taking care of birds and the environment, we are ultimately taking care of ourselves and future generations.

Narendra Singh Rawat’s Parinda campaign is a shining example of how small actions can make a big difference in creating a better world for all living beings. It is a call to action for all of us to come forward and do our bit to make this world a more compassionate and sustainable place.


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