Radio artist and talented singer, Mamta Mot recently welcomed famous Rajasthani folk artist, Sher Khan and his team as special guests on her program “Ek Mulakat” on Community Radio Station 90.4, Radio7. The event showcased the unique arts and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, passed down through generations.

Radio artist Mamta Mott showcases her singing talent in ‘Ek Mulakat’ program with folk singer Sher Khan

The program started with a captivating performance by Mamta, whose video was shared on her Instagram handle @invogue_naari and has received widespread appreciation. The duo’s performance of Rajasthani songs in the program enthralled the audience and left them mesmerized.

Singer Sher Khan and his team, Manganhars, are known for their compositions describing stories from Hindu mythology, focusing on human nature and salvation. They are mainly from the deserts of Barmer and Jaisalmer districts of Rajasthan.

The conversation during the program also elaborated on the impact of community radio and how it provides a platform for artists like Sher Khan and his team to showcase their talent and make their art reach a wider audience.

Radio Artist Mamta Mot and Folk Singer Sher Khan Collaborate for a Mesmerizing Performance on Ek Mulakat
Radio Artist Mamta Mot And Folk Singer Sher Khan Collaborate For A Mesmerizing Performance On 'Ek Mulakat' Program 2

Mamta expressed her gratitude towards Sher Khan and his team for joining her program and contributing to the celebration of Rajasthan’s unique culture and art. With her passion for music and community radio, Mamta continues to bring diverse and inspiring content to her listeners.

Stay connected to @invogue_naari for updates on Mamta’s future shows and performances.


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