Panara Chandrashekhar’s song ‘Lakdi Ki Kathi’ is on child awareness

Every minute around the world, one or the other kidnapping is taking place in some country, state or city. To prevent this, many programs are run by the government and state governments. But then such crimes keep happening in the world.

Gujarat police officer Panara Chandrasekhar has composed a song against this crime. So that our young children do not become victims of this crime. This song of Panara is based on child awareness. So that the children get an idea of what we have to take from whom and with whom we have to go.

Police Officer Panara Chandrasekhar’s new song ‘Lakdi Ki Kathi’ has been released from the official YouTube channel of Panara Chandrasekhar and this song has been shot on Panara Chandrasekhar and his daughter Aara Panara.

There are many such movements in the song which must have happened to us sometime or the other. In this song, Panara Chandrasekhar’s singing along with Janaki’s funny acting is also being seen. Aara has also won hearts with her innocence.

His Daughter Aara Panara touches heart in Panara Chandrashekhar’s ‘Lakdi Ki Kathi’

Despite being a police officer, Panara Chandrashekhar is working as a creative artist, a singer, writer, actor, who is working to build a communication between the police and the public.

Due to which the people’s faith in the police increases, their trust increases and people are not afraid of the police. Rather consider the police as your friend. Panara Chandrasekhar’s making such an effort is highly commendable. This song is working to make us aware about kidnapping.

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