Pandemic has been a total shakedown to our normal lives. Lives were lost, the economy crashed  and it became hard to meet both ends for most of the people. When the whole world is collapsing, the best you can do is hope and pray. That’s what Nitin Pujari’s, a well-reputed priest of Salasar Balaji and a motivational speaker, take on this pandemic is. These tough times can only be outlived if you are optimistic. There’s no denying the fact that it’s a real scary ride to be on. But there’s also no denying the fact that we are left with no other alternative. With the power of his words, Nitin Pujari is motivating people to be strong. Talks about depression and mental health used to be rare. But today, almost every other person is talking about what goes on with your mind and not just the body. Losing our loved ones has certainly been the most difficult phase, most of us went through. Restoring our faith in God is a head-on challenge, Nitin Pujari is working on.  

Nitin Pujari
Nitin Pujari

The most heartening things that Nitin Pujari said are:- 

  1. He says, Pandemic has been like a lesson to all of us. It taught us the value of what actually matters. Our priority should be to find happiness in every small thing, rather than materialism. Materialistic stuff shouldn’t matter more than it should. Face your challenges, rather than running away.  
  1. He also says, motivation comes in two forms, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation drives you towards money and fame. Whereas, intrinsic motivation will make you work on your personality and peace of mind. Internal motivation will bring positivity to your life. So everyone should work on it.  
  1. Nitin Pujari added to his speech, there’s a connection between positivity and mind. Make small goals and achieve them. Your mind will be at peace.  

Being on a mission to restore his faith in God, Nitin Pujari is helping the people with the power of his words. He says, little goals bear big fruits in the long run. Finding happiness might seem like an unimportant task today, but it’s the only thing that keeps you sane during tough times.  

Nitin Pujari says “Shri Balaji Stuti tears down all sorrows”. He took an initiative for the devotees in the heartbreaking events of the pandemic. When the devotees couldn’t reach dhaam, he brought it to their homes. Online darshan was not a common sight, but Nitin Pujari made it possible for the devotees. His followers are truly touched by this gesture. By using the power of social media, he made ‘Live Darshan’ possible.  

Because of his immense contribution towards serving Shri Salasar Balaji, Nitin Pujari was honoured in none other than the Parliament House. He received a stole and a shawal. He quoted “This award shows the love and respect towards Shri Salasar Balaji and me. I am thankful and pray for the prosperity of the devotees.”  

He quoted “One needs to gain spiritual power to lead a beautiful life.” Spirituality is what keeps life going as a smooth ride and not a struggle.  

photo of Nitin Pujari
Salasar , RajasthanIndia

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