He had recently attained more headlines for his claims of being a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna.

Amazing is all those success stories that are made from the ground up, and even more amazing are those stories that are created from pure passion and love for something. The world may have been a witness to the rise of many such talented beings, out of which a few rare gems go beyond boundaries to reach the highest realms of success in their careers and attain the prominence they desire in their respective industries. The world of politics is a world of its own, which so far has produced some of the finest personalities across the world. In India, there has been a rise of a few young forces in the industry, but one name that has been making a lot of noise lately through his incredible work is Manish Yadav.

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Manish Yadav: A man of power, influence, and passion in the world of politics.

What recently attracted more attention to him and his life was his claim to be a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna. This piece of news had stunned everyone in and around the country. In the Shri Krishna Janmasthan-Idgah episode, Narayani Sena chief Manish Yadav had claimed the land of Idgah. In fact, the matter had reached the court, and there he claimed he was a descendent of Lord Shri Krishna, which is why he wanted to free the land of Lord Krishna’s birthplace from encroachment. Besides this episode, Manish Yadav is known for his humanitarian work for his community and society.

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Manish Yadav: A man of power, influence, and passion in the world of politics.

Over the years, he has made sure to give it his all to create a positive difference in the lives of others and has always made sure to work towards the betterment of people in the country as a true-blue Indian talent and social worker. He believes that the youth today possess the power to achieve anything and everything in life and thus wants more and more people to join politics or youth wings that can work towards creating more opportunities for other young talents in the country and give them the right opportunities to take their career to the next level.

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Manish Yadav: A man of power, influence, and passion in the world of politics.

Manish Yadav is truly creating waves in the political world. To know more, follow him on Twitter,

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