Startups and businesses are on the rise following the pandemic. Many people have had the opportunity to advance their careers and pursue their passions. Kiran Gadakh is one of these names. He is an entrepreneur and marketing expert by trade.

Kiran was born in the small village of Sangamner. His parents were farmers who used to work on their own farms but had to work on other farms to make ends meet. Born into a middle-class family, he was always plagued by financial difficulties.

Kiran Gadakh

He began his primary education at a government school in his village. He realised that he, too, needed to support his family financially, so he began selling farm-grown products in his village on his bicycle.

This was his first lesson in business. Everything he did to promote the products taught him about marketing. He paid his school fees with his hard-earned money.

He excelled in school and received a 91% on the 10th grade board exam. His parents wanted him to further his education, so he relocated to Sangamner. His mother would send him tiffin in the early morning govt bus that arrived in town. He ate this for lunch and dinner. He used to be able to do so, but on hot summer days, the food became foul-smelling and stinky. To address this issue, he began selling Aloe vera juice at the bus stop, where he gained his second marketing experience.

He finished his engineering degree this way, but now he had two options: get a solid job or pursue entrepreneurship! His coworkers chose to leave the company and look for jobs. He was alone, yet he didn’t want to give up all for which he had fought so hard.

He relocated to Pune to expand his business. His friends wouldn’t even let him stay at their houses, so he had to sleep in Pune Railway Station for almost a week! But, instead of lamenting his lot, he continued to work hard.


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