Going beyond boundaries and raising the bar for others as, one of the youngest political leaders in India is Raghav Bhagat.

Raghav Bhagat As the President of Hindvi Swarajya Dal, his constitutional political organization, there is a lot he has already done and a lot more he aims to do for society.

The ultimate goal for most of professionals today across fields is to gain their desired success and growth and become highly influential figures in those sectors; however, what if we say that we came to know about a youngster who, through his work, only aims to inspire benevolence in others and inspire them to be there for each other?

राघव भगत

Well, Raghav Bhagat is all about this and much more, who today is celebrated as one of the youngest political figures in India, being the President of Hindvi Swarajya Dal, a constitutional political organization which is registered by the Election Commission of India.

He highlights that the establishment of Hindvi Swarajya was done by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1645 AD, and now after 374 years, it was re-established by him in 2019 in Gujarat as a political party. He very deservedly holds the record of being the youngest National President of a political party.

The Hindvi Swarajya Dal has now spread its branches and working committees in the seven main states of India like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Amidst the trying times faced by the world due to a global health pandemic, he, along with his team at his party, launched Mavle membership campaigns, and party members also provided with basic necessities to people in need free of cost. In the coming times, Raghav Bhagat also mentions how the Hindvi Swarajya Dal will participate in elections for the service of the national interest and the people, establishing the ideas of protecting their interests and nationalism through the Swarajya.

The young politician has never ceased to amaze people with his incredible works for people in the nation, which is why he is so dedicatedly moving ahead in spreading his political organization’s presence massively. 

Connect with him through Instagram @raghavbhgat to know more.

Sunil Kumar Verma - Journalist , Online News editor

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