Goa is regaining its original identity as a center for Sanskrit studies in India. Recently, Goa University, in collaboration with the Centre for Indic Studies, organized the Goa Sanskrit Darshanam conference at Tapobhoomi in Kundai. The conference was held with great enthusiasm and received overwhelming participation from scholars and students from across India.

The conference aimed to promote Sanskrit studies and research in India, especially in Goa, by providing a platform for scholars and students to network and share their research findings, ideas, and perspectives. It consisted of academic sessions, cultural events, and performances.

The conference was graced by the presence of Dharmabhushan Sadguru Brahmashanandacharya, Peetadishwar Shree Datta Padmanabha Peeth, who emphasized the importance of Sanskrit as a divine language that reflects our culture. He urged everyone to learn and make Sanskrit an integral part of their day-to-day activities to carry forward the legacy of the sages.

Goa has a rich cultural heritage and has always been known for its love of art, music, and literature. With the recent surge in interest in Sanskrit studies, the state is once again regaining its identity as a center for promoting Indian culture and heritage.

The conference acted as a beacon of hope and encouraged young scholars and students to take up Sanskrit studies as a career and contribute to the preservation and promotion of the language and its literature. With such initiatives, it is hoped that Goa will continue to thrive as a center for Sanskrit studies and become a leading destination for those interested in learning and promoting Indian culture and heritage.


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