He worked in the Bollywood film titled Bollywood Diaries, which has earned him much more present in the industry.

Enough has already been spoken about the many individuals that have been working hard and with relentless efforts to make their mark in their chosen industries. Still, there have been a few people who have gone against the tides and have made sure to choose unconventional roads to reach remarkable success in their respective industries. Over the years, we have seen a surge of talented beings, especially in the entertainment world, but some of them have still paved the path to success in their careers by rigorously and committedly moving towards their goals and aspirations in life. Who better than Rahul Kumar to serve as an example here, who has gone beyond boundaries to create his unique standing as an actor, YouTuber, and choreographer.

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Rahul Kumar is not your average success story, but a man of resilience and true spirit who passed every hurdle on his way to reach where he is standing today. Always being enthusiastic to create things and artistically move his way to the top is something that has kept him on “toes” literally since he is also an extremely talented dancer and choreographer. He is the one who has choreographed for Sony Sab’s India Ke Mast Ke Mast Kalandar and runs his own YouTube channel named “Fitness Dance With Rahul,” www.youtube.com featured, which already has over 570K subscribers and growing each passing day, apart from working in a Bollywood film titled Bollywood Diaries.

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Fitness Dance With Rahul has dance routines that can be attempted by anyone who wishes to put together a great dance performance or just learn to stay fit and happy with his fitness dance choreographies. The dance styles he teaches include Freestyle, Bollywood, Bhangra, Tollywood, etc., and through the same promotes Indian dances showcasing his true love for the performing art.

His Bollywood choreographies have a twist of fitness in them, which makes him and his routines so different from the rest and his contemporaries in the industry. Do not forget to follow him on Instagram @rahul_kumarofficial to know more.


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