Dr. Sanjay R Shastri from America to attend Rishi Panchami Festival and Vivid Samman ceremony in Jaipur

जयपुर में शामिल होंगे अमेरिका से Dr Sanjay R Shastri

Shri Ved – Astrology Science Arts, Culture Public Welfare and Research Institute, Jaipur (Regd.) and Vedic Astroscience Foundation of America (U.S.A.) to be organized on 1st September 2022 as the Chief Guest at Rishi Panchami Festival and Scholarly Award Ceremony. As Dr. S. R. Shastri President, Vedic Astroscience Foundation of America (USA). Its information was given by Chief Patron Yagnik Pt. Ganapati Daivagya Shri Vedamritam Sansthanam and the founder Shri Jagadguru Veda Jyotish Director Sansthan, Jaipur. He told that all learned people will participate in this event of Veda-Jyotish, Vedic ritualists, priests, and Indian Sanatan culture.

जयपुर में शामिल होंगे अमेरिका से Dr Sanjay R Shastri

He said that it is a movement of pride to have Dr. S. R. Shastri as President, the Vedic Astroscience Foundation of America (USA). This event is organized in Jagadguru Ashram, near Govind Dev Ji Mandir, Jaipur. Rishi Panchami Festival and Vidvat Samman ceremony is essential for the advancement of the civilization and culture of India. He informed that Dr. Sanjay R. Shastri has received International Religious Honor Award from the VASFOA organization. The award was given to recognize those who advocate and protect their religion internationally. As you know, Shri Devkinandan Thakur Ji is a worldwide spiritual leader and is adorned with awards and honors from all over the world. We are honored to have such talent and expertise in this world.

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