Dr. Jagdish Pareek Meta – Skill & Neuroscience Coach/ Social Activist

Dr Jagdish Pareek is a master coach of meta-skills and neuroscience. He is also the director of Asia’s first Meta-skills and Neuroscience Research Center. He is also the founding member of Help Online India, a foundation that is working on 5 major social projects to build a better society in India. 

Dr. Jagdish Pareek – Meta Skill & Neuroscience Coach

Dr Jagdish Pareek was born on 21st July 1986, in Nagaur district’s Jayal town in Rajasthan. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father is a government servant, employed as a document writer. He has an elder brother and a sister. His mother is a house-wife. 

Dr Jagdish Pareek
Dr Jagdish Pareek

Dr Jagdish Pareek did his graduation from Maharshi Dayanand University in B.Sc and later got his MBA degree from the Indian Business School, Hyderabad. He got a Gold Medal in Finance and Marketing from the Indian Business School. He was the first student to get a placement from that school.

His first job was as a Finance Head at the Walchandnagar Industries based in Mumbai. He also designed several financial models for the banks and corporates that were successfully implemented. In the urge to do something for the society and bring a change in the education system in India, Dr Jagdish Pareek changed his stream from the finance sector to become a master coach of meta-skills and neuroscience.

To gain expertise in his subject, he completed his child psychology degree from the Malaysia Forum, did his PhD in Neuropsychology and then became an ICF certified master neuroscience and wellness coach. And later on, he became the South Asia coach of NLP and LDA American Board. 

Dr Jagdish Pareek has written 16 books for the State Board based on Neuro Research. Some of the books written by him are The Math Magician, Motivation Social Neuroscience, The Secret Of Meta Skill and Neuroscience. 


  • Dr Jagdish Pareek is the director of the World’s number one playschool – My School. 
  • Director of the i-Memory School Foundation.
  • Director of Asia’s first government Meta Skill and Neuroscience Research Center.
  • Founder of India’s first preventive health institute and India’s first community-based job platform.
  • Founding member of Help India Online.

Awards and Honours

  • Best Innovator in Education in 2012.
  • World Record in government skill training in 2017.
  • Shiksha Ratna Award in 2018.
  • Manav Mitra Award in 2019.
  • Sanskrit Vadmay Award in 2019.
  • Teaching Excellence Award in 2020.

Social Work And Achievements

He laid the foundation of an organisation named Help India Online in 2018. This foundation is primarily working on 5 social programs, Education, Preventive Health, Employment, Helping Hands and Social Entrepreneurship. 

Dr. Jagdish Pareek - Meta Skill & Neuroscience Coach
Dr. Jagdish Pareek – Meta Skill & Neuroscience Coach

The Education social program is working towards providing a world-class education to all Indians at free of cost or minimal charges. The foundation has launched more than 10,000 digital and professional free online courses, meeting the global standard of education. Dr Jagdish Pareek has trained more than 2,35,000 teachers of both public and private schools all over India. His training program focuses on educating the teachers on interaction in classrooms, functioning of the brain, developing permanent learning skills in students etc. His other training programs are designed on reading, writing, concentration, memory, productivity, learning disability, etc. He has trained more than 7200 trainers across India to impart training of these programs. 

Preventive Health social program initiated by Dr Jagdish Pareek and Help India Online is working in the direction of spreading awareness about preventive health measures. The foundation has held multiple camps and given training to several people. The participants are given an NSDc certified certificate on the completion of the course at the charges of 10 Rs. 

The employment social program focuses on building the professional and vocational skills and capabilities of an individual to get better job opportunities. The program provides a free of cost online platform, where people are informed about the available jobs in the market. 

Helping Hands is a social program of Help India Online, that provides India’s first digital help-based platform to help people at the time of crisis, without any charges or personal interest. Under this program, the foundation has raised an amount of INR 14,989,288 and helped more than 454 people across India.

Social Entrepreneurship program initiated by Dr Jagdish Pareek is working on building an online community that helps the SME’s to grow and expand their businesses. 

Dr Jagdish Pareek has helped around 100 students to register their names in the world record, with his training programs. 

His goal is to train 20,000 coaches across India and bring a change in the education system of India. Dr Jagdish Pareek has also started a revolution to connect 1 crore, preventive health consultants to spread awareness about preventive health measures. His mission is to create Help India Online as the world’s largest social organisation.

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