Dog Home Foundation lifts the mission of saving injured stray dogs.

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Dog Home Foundation Is A Place Where These Creatures Can Find Their Home. 5

It’s believed that when a dog is in one’s life, there is always a way to smile, but no one cares about the Dog’s smile. Dog Home Foundation does this work. The two incredible human beings- Kuldeep and Dhaval, started Dog Home Foundation in Jodhpur. The main aim was to help and treat all the stray dogs that are victims of cruelty or may be naturally occurring circumstances.

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Dog Home Foundation Is A Place Where These Creatures Can Find Their Home. 6

Dog Home Foundation is a place where dogs can find another home. It started with the simple idea of helping poor stray dogs and treating them. The founders just loved to feed dogs and support all the needy animals. They have reached a milestone by treating and helping 13000 Dogs in the field. About 2000 Dogs had already arrived in the shelter. Dog Home Foundation has shown that humanity still exists. The team works in two shifts, i.e., 11 A.M- 7 P. M and 7 P. M- 3 A. M with a nursing staff of five people on every shift. Their ambulances are available all the time for these dogs. A proper Blood Test Facility, X-ray Machine, and other medical instruments are available for the injured dogs.

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The dogs that were not well before are now living a healthy life. Many dogs are adopted by people and are living a deserved life. All the facilities provided by the Foundation are of no cost. They do not even charge a single penny for this Noble cause. All the dogs in the shelter are provided with three times meals. They have also started giving homes to Bulls and Donkeys with the same mission. They have targeted animals who are boycotted from society. They have made a temporary shade of wooden sticks and need one’s support to provide permanent shade to bulls and donkeys.

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Dog Home Foundation Is A Place Where These Creatures Can Find Their Home. 8

With one’s support and encouragement, the team can achieve the goal of providing these animals with a good life . To learn more about them, follow them on Instagram at @doghomefoundatio.

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