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Is Protein Powder Bad For You? Does Whey Protein Cause Hair Loss?

Truth about Protein Shakes! #Gym_warning: Drinking THIS after your workout could make your hair fall out #Whey_Protein and #Hairloss?

does whey protein really cause hair loss ?

Is Whey Protein Powder Good for Hair Growth?

Does whey protein have an impact on hair growth?

Is whey protein bad for hair? Is whey good for your hair?

yes …. yes….. yes … Reference :-

Hair loss & replacement for dummies by dr william r rassman md. n Robert M. bernstein md . Page numer 63

1. Dr Fajro link https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/802759/gym-whey-powder-protein-shake-workout-drink

2. Dr Larry Saphiro link https://www.news-medical.net/news/20100408/Whey-Protein-Isolate-damages-and-accelerates-hair-loss.aspx ========================================================

Adon Clinic – Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai ADON HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC


Adon Clinic is a Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai. We have well experienced doctors who have lots of knowledge of latest technologies for hair transplant. These technologies helps you in hair transplant without any scars, surgeries and swelling in your scalp.

Hair Transplant is becoming one of the the most important need of the Indian population as half of the Indian population ends up losing their hair. People who losing hair or becoming bald are in some sort of sorrow. Some say they’re depressed, some say they’re ruined in their social life, while others feel their confidence has fallen, while some aren’t comfortable going for any relationship.

They are all looking for the best hair transplant clinic near Mumbai and the well experienced hair transplant doctors in Mumbai, a doctor who can help them with the hair growth by providing a healtheir growth in hair and take care for their future. We deliver the best hair transplant treatment in mumbai, using the best technology doesn’t mean we’re charging the highest. We understand the cost of hair transplantation should be less expensive than a heart transplant, so our charges are moderate. In Nutshell, the most trusted and advanced hair transplant therapy at a moderate price.

Adon clinic is well Recognized as a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. We offer our patient inexpensive therapy. We use the recent hair transplant surgery technology. Adon clinic is a reputed name in hair transplant surgery, treatment. Adon team has jointly conducted 2500 transplants from FUT, then FUE, body hair extraction to the recent lengthy hair FUE and direct non-shaven FUE in the last 7 years of workout. Our hair transplant operation is best with less pain, there is no scar. ======================================================

1- HAIR PATCH लगाने से पहले ये वीडियो ज़रूर देखें।HAIR PATCH / WIG लगाने वाले सावधान !! Dr. Ashok Sinha https://youtu.be/4xhjXMUJLn0​

2- ONION OIL खरीदने से पहले ये वीडियो ज़रूर देखिये- Scientific Analysis By Authentic Hair Specialist https://youtu.be/BCwrVMQexdI​

3- MINOXIDIL + LCLT + CAFFEINE का कमाल ,रिजल्ट हो तो ऐसा , बरना न हो – SUNNY BRO हरियाणा वाले https://youtu.be/8aAQpD-gamg

4- Hair Supplement & Multi Vitamins 2021. Dr. ASHOK SINHA https://youtu.be/ARmUFsbh2CM​

5- क्या आपके Minoxidil में LCLT और Caffeine है ? Minoxidil Treatment – Dr. Ashok Sinha https://youtu.be/uyuT4xnpNaY​ ======================================================

Visit – ADON WELLNESS – for Hair Care and Hair Treatment Products Order now – https://adonwellness.com/​ =======================================================

For Book an Appointment Address – ADON TRICHOLOGY CLINIC – Best & Most Trusted Hair Transplant Clinic In Mumbai Dr Ashok Sinha – 306, cosmos plaza, besides d n nagar metro station, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

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