DJ Himanshu Mishra is an Indian disc jockey, music producer, and Tech entrepreneur who has been in the industry for more than two decades. Himanshu has performed at college festivals, corporate events, and clubs. Being an Engineering graduate of Delhi College of Engineering ( now Delhi Technological University) it was easy for him to get a job. But he had been passionate about music since his school days, so he kept on doing part-time gigs. He started collaborating with artists and releasing music in the audio video format. To pursue his passion, he founded his music company GrooveNexus in 2019. Since then, he has released 20+ songs and has given the chance to 10+ artists to showcase their talent.  

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Dj Himanshu Mishra Had His First Gig In 1998 4

Dj Himanshu is an extrovert person, it is easy for him to pull the crowd. Whenever he plays music, he is not restricted to a specific style or technique. For him, crowd entertainment is important. He always makes sure to observe the crowd and what exactly they are demanding for EDM, Bollywood, the ’90s, and ’80s. ” At times I do play around with music, I introduce a new beat or style and I mix it with the crowd’s favorite song. I play the same new song twice, then the crowd enjoys it” Says Dj Himanshu.

Dj Himanshu Mishra had his first gig in 1998
Dj Himanshu Mishra Had His First Gig In 1998

The music industry is doing so well these days. Promotions and consistency on social media have become mandatory. Earlier, small artists used to sell music for 1k-2k. These days, kids who are studying in the 10th-11th are also producing their own music. Times have changed and social media plays a very important role.

Be it a male Dj or a female Dj, the journey is definitely going to be hard. However, the female DJs are fewer in number. So the demand is higher. Depending on the audience, female DJs might get more Gigs and they generate more money as well.

Dj Himanshu Mishra had his first gig in 1998
Dj Himanshu Mishra Had His First Gig In 1998

“Dj David Guetta has inspired me a lot. He gained popularity at the age of 42 by being consistent and putting in hard work. It motivates me to do more and to continue my passion for music” Dj Himanshu added.  

Dj Himanshu has recently produced a music video under his label Teri Kami and the music has been produced by Traxion. The New EDM number “Light it up” was released last month with another music producer Sykik Sensei. Dj Himanshu and Traxeon are also coming up with 2 new songs this month.


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