The controversy around the film Azamgarh continues as viewers claim that Pankaj Tripathi’s role in the film was much bigger than what he had initially claimed. Despite his small role, Tripathi’s brand value continues to bring attention to the film. The film revolves around the character of a Maulvi who lures young men to join a terrorist organization. Though the story centers around Tripathi’s character, the writer-director of the film, Kamlesh Mishra, presents him as the main character.

Film Azamgarh controversy
Director's Brand Value Or Pankaj Tripathi's: A Controversy Surrounding 'Azamgarh' Film 3

While Tripathi’s performance was seen as usual, viewers are questioning whether only big directors can explore his brand value. The film’s editors faced the challenge of converting a 60-minute film into a 90-minute feature film. Despite its challenges, the film’s climax is worth seeing for the real names of the terrorist bosses and the effective communication and poignancy of the main character.

The True Brand Value of Pankaj Tripathi: A Look at the Azamgarh Controversy

The producers of the film, Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt, invested in the project under the illusion of Pankaj Tripathi’s brand value. The controversy around the film has raised questions about the investment of producers in films and whether actors’ brand values are enough to carry a film. The ‘Azamgarh’ controversy has revealed the challenges that filmmakers and producers face while making a film and the role that actors’ brand values play in film projects.

This controversy has raised a question among the film industry and audiences alike – can only big directors explore the brand value of Pankaj Tripathi?

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most versatile actors in the Hindi film industry today, known for his impeccable performances in films such as Gangs of Wasseypur, Mirzapur, and Stree, among others. His brand value has been increasing with each passing year, making him a popular choice for directors and producers alike.

Film Azamgarh controversy
Director's Brand Value Or Pankaj Tripathi's: A Controversy Surrounding 'Azamgarh' Film 4

However, with the ‘Azamgarh’ controversy, the question arises whether only big directors can explore the brand value of Pankaj Tripathi. In an industry where actors’ brand value is crucial to the success of a film, it’s understandable that producers would want to cash in on an actor’s popularity. But it’s also important for filmmakers to do justice to an actor’s talent and not just use their brand value as a marketing gimmick.

In the case of Azamgarh, it seems that Pankaj Tripathi’s role was much bigger than initially claimed, and the controversy surrounding the film’s hoardings only added fuel to the fire. It remains to be seen whether this controversy will have any impact on the film’s box office performance or not.

As for Pankaj Tripathi, he continues to be a popular choice for filmmakers, and it’s safe to say that his brand value will only continue to rise. However, it’s important for filmmakers to recognize his talent and not just use him as a marketing tool. With the right script and direction, Pankaj Tripathi has the potential to deliver some of the most memorable performances in Hindi cinema.


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