The recently released film ‘Azamgarh’ has sparked controversy, with questions being raised about the role of lead actor Pankaj Tripathi and the motivations of the film’s producers. The controversy centers around Tripathi’s claim that his role in the film was only three minutes long, while in reality, he plays a much more significant role in the film.

Film Azamgarh Controversy: Pankaj Tripathi’s Role in Film Much Bigger Than Initially Claimed

Azamgarh Controversy: Pankaj Tripathi's Role in Film Much Bigger Than Initially Claimed
Azamgarh Controversy: Pankaj Tripathi’S Role In Film Much Bigger Than Initially Claimed

This has led to speculation that the producers of the film invested in it based solely on Pankaj Tripathi’s brand value, rather than the actual quality of the film or its story. The film, which explores the misconceptions surrounding terrorism and the district of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, has been criticized for its disjointed narrative and focus on breaking news coverage rather than the actual story.

Film ‘Azamgarh’ Explores Misconceptions About Terrorism and Azamgarh District

Many industry insiders are now questioning whether the producers, Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt, invested in the film under the illusion that Pankaj Tripathi’s star power alone would be enough to draw audiences. Some have even suggested that Tripathi’s name was used to generate buzz around the film in the lead-up to its release.

However, others have defended the producers’ decision, arguing that Pankaj Tripathi is a talented and respected actor whose presence in the film would naturally generate interest. They point out that Tripathi’s name alone cannot be solely responsible for the film’s production, which required significant investment in terms of resources and manpower.

Review: ‘Azamgarh’ Film Falls Short Despite Pankaj Tripathi’s Strong Performance

In any case, the controversy has brought attention to the larger issue of whether Bollywood producers are investing in films based solely on the brand value of their stars, rather than the quality of the stories being told. Some industry insiders argue that this approach is not sustainable, and that filmmakers must focus on creating original and engaging stories that resonate with audiences.

As for ‘Azamgarh’, the film’s controversy is unlikely to subside anytime soon. While Pankaj Tripathi’s performance has been praised, the film’s disjointed narrative and focus on breaking news coverage have been criticized by many. It remains to be seen whether the film will be successful at the box office, and whether its producers will continue to rely on star power alone in the future.


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