Jalore: In a closely contested election, Deepak Thanwala emerged as the District President of the Jalore Youth Congress by securing an impressive 3,903 votes. The results announced late on Friday night, reflected the overwhelming support garnered by Thanwala in the SC reserved seat category, leaving his rival Chandrashekhar Elana far behind with only 1,282 votes.

Deepak Thanwala

The Youth Congress elections witnessed enthusiastic participation from young leaders vying for various positions. Laxman Singh Sankhla, contesting for the state general secretary from Jalore, emerged victorious with a staggering 5,589 votes. Meanwhile, Gaurav Saran, who also contested for the District President position, secured a commendable 3,848 votes. Both Sankhla and Saran have been elected as District Presidents of the Youth Congress.

Notably, Laxman Singh Sankhla received the highest number of votes among all candidates contesting from the Jalore district across different posts. His victory in the state general secretary race further solidified his position as a prominent youth leader in the region. Deepak Thanwla, with his impressive 3,903 votes, also proved his popularity and secured his place as the District President.

The results further revealed that Jagdish Saran secured the highest number of votes for the position of Jalore Vice President, garnering 1,493 votes. Alongside Jagdish, Chandrashekhar and Shravan were elected to the same post. Additionally, Kumar, Chataram, Iqbal Khan, and Archana were nominated as District Vice Presidents, representing different categories.

Mukesh Kumar, Sohan Khileri, Praveen Kumar, Naresh, Ramesh Singh, and Krishna Dewasi emerged as the elected District General Secretaries. Their victory demonstrates the diversity of the newly formed Youth Congress leadership team.

The Jalore district has witnessed a rise in political enthusiasm, and the election results have invigorated the local political landscape. The election of Deepak Thanwala as District President, along with other elected officials, brings fresh perspectives and youthful energy to the Youth Congress, promising new initiatives and developments for the region.

Deepak Thanwala, who had previously contested from the NSUI seat, representing the student union of Veer Veeramdev PG College in Jalore, has shown remarkable progress in his political journey. His election as the District President marks a significant milestone in his career and highlights his growing popularity among the youth.

As the newly elected District President, Deepak Thanwala is expected to focus on addressing the concerns and aspirations of the youth in Jalore. His victory represents the trust and confidence placed in him by the voters, and it is anticipated that he will work diligently to fulfill their expectations.

With the Youth Congress elections now concluded, the stage is set for the newly elected leaders to take charge and bring about positive changes in Jalore. The youth of the district eagerly awaits the implementation of policies and initiatives that reflect their needs and aspirations, and the new leadership holds the key to their realization.


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