Sports commentary is similar to retelling a tale to an enthusiastic audience. It would help if you conveyed the crowd’s energy, mood, and enthusiasm to the TVs as a lead commentator by adding flavor to the game’s visuals using your unique style and method.

On the job, it’s crucial to remember that commentary is not “the game” in and of itself but merely a component.

It’s essential to tell the audience the game’s story through in-depth research, comprehension, analysis of the statistics and trends, and most importantly, by getting as close as possible to the player/team psyche to understand and predict their performance.

Sports Commentator Roshan Shetty
Sports Commentator Roshan Shetty

Roshan Shetty is an international football commentator and presenter who made his television debut on Star Sports Network in 2019.

In one of the interviews, he stated- “Today’s audience is intelligent and doesn’t need to be spoon-fed; beyond the apparent of narrating the images in front of you, a lead or play-by-play commentator must show the audience a world they cannot see and what is easily accessible in terms of information, analysis, or numbers on the internet or anywhere else. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate to the audience the facts, the vibe, and the tone of the proceedings at the appropriate time with the ideal word choice without overwhelming them with too much information and specifics.

Sports Commentator Roshan Shetty
Commentary Is Not "The Game," But Rather A Component Of It Says Sports Commentator Roshan Shetty 3

Roshan has voiced several of the country’s top football leagues, including the “English Premier League & Hero Indian Super League Youth Games,” “Hero I League,” and the “Reliance Foundation Youth Sports.”


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