Arihant Mehta: Making his mark in the world of entrepreneurship with his company Pinnacle Industries Ltd.

The young business talent exudes every quality and potential to take over the vehicle infrastructure niche.

It is so astonishing to know and learn about all those people and professionals who make sure to place a firmer foot of theirs in the fields of their choice. These individuals make sure to exceed beyond what is expected out of them and go ahead in building a prominent name for themselves in all that they choose to lay their hands on.

The world of business has seen the rise of many such incredibly talented beings, among which a few rare gems have ensured to stand tall and unique from the rest, radiating their unique business approaches and talents. One name that has been making a lot of buzzes lately is a young business owner named Arihant Mehta.

Arihant Mehta
Arihant Mehta

Arihant Mehta is one of those rarest gems in the business world who, at every step of the way, have given importance and attention to innovation. This he does to bring about a revolution in the industries he steps into, he confesses. Today, the young talent serves as the President of Pinnacle Industries Ltd and has been at the forefront of managing People and Operations, Leadership and Management, and has made his name as a rising social entrepreneur.

Apart from Pinnacle Industries LTD, Arihant Mehta also is the Director of Investor by Kider India Private Limited and the Founder and Director of the Nirmukt Foundation.

Arihant Mehta
Arihant Mehta

Being involved in so many business activities while also taking out time to run a foundation for the welfare of the people in need, Arihant Mehta proves that he is a compassionate soul who finds inspiration in working for others around him.

The Pune-based young serial entrepreneur with his company Pinnacle Industries LTD has brought some great revolutions by continuously expanding its product range, offering the industry-best seating and interior products for commercial vehicles.

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  1. Hi सर मेरा नाम गजानन चव्हाण मेने आपके घर पे काम किया है 14 दिन कुच लोगोकी वजह से जो आपके यहां काम करते है , मेने काम छोड़ा था सर काम छोड़ते समय मेने सभी को बताया था की मैं काम छोड़ के जा रहा हु सर sandra मैडम ने कहा कि आपकी पेमेंट हो जाएंगी और अब sandra मैडम कॉल पे बोलती है के आपकी पेमेंट नही होंगी सर ये गलत बात है मेरी 7000,8000 हजार पेमेंट है जो आपके लिए कुच भी नहीं है लेकिन मेरे लिए बहुत है सर प्लीज मेरी पेमेंट करदो प्लीज

  2. सर प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज मेरी पेमेंट कर दो प्लीज सर प्लीज सर प्लीज
    सर मैं गरीब आदमी हु आपकी बराबरी नही कर सकता मैं हात 🙏 जोडके विनती करता हु प्लीज मेरी पेमेंट कर दो प्लीज सर प्लीज
    Sandra मैडम ने कहा कि आपकी पेमेंट ओ लोग नही दे रहे है ,सर प्लीज मैं आपकी बराबरी नही कर सकता , इस दया करके मेरी पेमेंट कर दो ,
    मैं पेमेंट छोड़ भी नही सकता इस लिय में हार नही मानूंगा जबतक पेमेंट नही मिलती तब तक मुझे आपके खिलाफ लड़ना पड़ेगा मुझे पता है की आपके सामने मैं कुच नहि हु ,मैं आपसे जीत नही सकता लेकिन हार भी नही मान सकता प्लीज मेरी पेमेंट कर दो सर

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